Chronicles of Krunid-178

It’s been at least several pons since the event now identified as Krunid-178 wiped out so called human race and there’s still no conclusive evidence about what caused its outset and neither what escalated it to all out annihilation a short time afterwards. Yet, as of recently, a group of avid researchers specialized in Torvid era managed to reconstruct partially what might have had occurred and, most importantly, why. This paper compiles materials from several scholastic articles, as well some primary documentary artifacts collected by the author. For reasons not completely remembered, the reference section of this paper was irrevocably lost.

Little is known about the exact timing of the event. Surviving materials give confusing chronology related to the birthdate of some obscure forgotten deity not correlated with any known historical events of the past. However, some indirect and metaphysical observations allow to establish timeline of the event close to the upper end of Mutare period which places it in the vicinity of no more than five or six pons ago

The event was classified as pandemy although even in contemporary time there were strong doubts about this designation. At some point there were reports of suddenly increasing number of occurrences of seemingly random aggressive behavior in relatively colocated clusters around the world. By itself, it was nothing new and extraordinary as violence had been a preponderant trait of the human race for as long as documentary records are found. Yet, those occurrences were unusual as their perpetrators did not exhibit outward signs normally associated with such behavior — that is being mentally impaired or criminally inclined or associated with extreme nationalistic or religious movements. On the contrary, people found to carry out seemingly inexplicable violent acts were by all accounts normal ordinary subjects: brokers, teachers, auto mechanics who suddenly turned onto their neighbors, family members, even strangers. As the number of such cases multiplied, various groups strived to find a plausible explanation. Some attributed the phenomenon to the fallout from addiction to the video game “Kill’em all” extremely popular at that time. Yet the group of prominent statisticians promptly hired by the video game industry quickly and convincingly dispelled that absurd connection. Another, rather fringe group, claimed that life long exposure to the stream of raw sewage poured from so called media outlets in increasingly shorter intervals between equally toxic and harmful portions of advertisement can mutate recipient brains to the point of total indifference to established moral norms attuning them exclusively to the messages propagated through aforementioned channels. In one notorious example, a scene of another mass shooting occurred at child day care facility was aired by news channels 2765 times in one week quickly propelling captured perpetrator to the status of national celebrity and triggering a wave of copycat shootings shortly afterwards. Not exactly surprisingly, such hypothetic causal connection did not become popular at said outlets and, as a result, did not receive enough coverage so as to gain enough traction in recipients’ consciousness. Yet another group claimed that popular obsession with periodic ritualistic circus of rotating power among the same band of corrupt and obscenely rich criminals, cleverly disguised as a show of participation, created too much animosity, hatred and division in the population, not to a least degree fueled by the same media, possibly explaining the origins of pandemy. That circus usually culminated in selection of Supreme Administrator, a largely irrelevant and impotent figure. The level of national hysteria, carefully orchestrated and amplified by the circus owners, at that point was reaching feverish heights, with people sufficiently incited to commit enough of abuse and violence in the name of meaningless ends and goals. But even that obvious connection did not attain enough convincing power to become an accepted cause and explanation of pandemy. At the end, official explanation gave credence of pandemy origins to the link with recorded cases of excessively violent behavior among several monkey bands in north-central Borneo, subsequently transmitted to human populace and transported by cruise ships to various ports of the world. The link, plausible enough by itself, was later confirmed and corroborated by leading intelligence agencies and by several prominent epidemiologists and since then has never been cast in doubt.

Once pandemy received official status and origins, the machinery of organized response was put in motion. Out of unfathomable depths of administrative creativity, a name XDCRE-KRND-178–098-A6 surfaced as a moniker for new plague, later popularly shortened to Krunid-178 . A whole industry of generating, visualizing and interpreting pandemy related statistics was created reliably producing enough fodder to generate a wide spectrum of prophecies and defend and justify any policy decision any local administrator would desire to entertain. A whole cast of petty bureaucrats, previously sitting off their largely invisible and irrelevant highly paid careers, now was suddenly propelled to the immense power charged with deciding questions of life and death on behalf of clueless and inept general populace — which obviously could not have been trusted with such decisions. A term “social respect” has been coined defining a vague and ever changing set of rules and behavioral standards supposedly intended to bring population back to civil norms and to quiet down the pace of pandemy. The term has been massively touted, replicated and in no time ingrained in social consciousness to the degree that it quickly lost its connection with the initial cause and effectively served to herd compliance with whatever new rule was coming out of feverish bureaucratic depths. Once the fear was sufficiently infused into populace, further indoctrination was happening almost effortlessly. A flurry of conflicting and contradictory orders and regulations was steadily flown out of multiple competing echelons of power into receptive minds of largely terrorized and confused populace. In one such notorious order, people of the town Pumbaville were allowed to go out and watch sunset in family groups, provided that they meet twelve mandatory conditions, one of which required them to affix their sight on the setting sun and not on their neighbors lest this not be construed as an intent of aggression. The order, however, had to be rescinded the following day after an incident in which one order abiding citizen inadvertently bumped into another while affixing her sight on the setting sun, causing the latter to kill the former on spot suspecting in encounter an act of deliberate aggression.

It is not exactly clear whether all undertaken measures had any effect whatsoever at that point since official statistics continued to tweak and redefine its measuring methods and extent of data collection while media continue to pick the stories suiting exclusively its only agenda of attracting more viewers for their advertisement content. Yet the creative energy of bureaucratic corps clearly has not been exhausted. After realizing that as a result of active fear mongering campaign too many people must be wandering with depressed and sour face expressions — potentially creating fertile ground for conflicts and confrontations, it has been ordered to wear smiley masks in all places of public congregation so as to detract any possibility of provoking an aggression by misunderstanding of one’s face expression. In another province, by executive order, all bicycles were banned as a potential means of aggression after an incident in which a bicyclist ran over another citizen in what was construed as an act of deliberate aggression. Whether the incident was really caused by intent had never been fully established since the mob of order abiding bystanders quickly finished the bicyclist so as to prevent the spread of disease. By the same token, people in that province were still allowed to carry assault weapons so that they can defend themselves against mad bicyclists.

As fear and paranoia had set in the populace, the known cases of outwardly aggressive behavior in public have visibly diminished, although, by some unconfirmed accounts, the number of violent acts in self-defence or in prevention of perceived aggressive intention had risen exponentially. On the other hand, there was a confirmed sharp increase of the number of acts of domestic violence and aggression. Realizing that domestic life up to this point has remained largely unaffected by social respect policies and understanding that any policy enforcement would be difficult to render in insular environments, governance powers resolved to a new unorthodox policy, quickly christened as “outside shelter”, mandating people to spend as little time as possible inside their dwellings and to dedicate most of their time to working and socializing in public places, always wearing smiley mask. The number and duration of activities allowed to be performed inside their houses was strictly enumerated and rationed and included fixed number of hours for sleep, meals and observation of mandatory advertisement and policy announcement content on television. Other non-essential activities, including reproduction, were to be allowed on a limited quota basis by permit only. Strict monitoring and enforcement were instituted.

As the time passed, another troublesome trend appeared. It quickly became obvious that different constituencies implemented pandemy containment policies differently creating a fertile ground for inter-constituency antagonisms. People in provinces with stricter rules understandably looked suspiciously onto people from provinces with laxer rules in fear of transmission of less constrained behavior from those regions. Spontaneous cordons began to be erected on the borders and local militia were formed to protect interests of belligerent groups. On top of that, old national and religious antagonisms began to flare whipping the flames of the conflicts. Global economy has largely disintegrated and most of national economies collapsed to the level of regional clusters primarily concerned with survival and self-preservation. Then a meaningless confrontation between two large developing nations quickly escalated into an armed conflict and then into all out war sowing millions of deaths and spreading tens of millions of refugees around the world. Consecutive waves of refugees crushed and wiped what remained of economies of neighboring countries and triggered an even larger wave of refugees streaming into direction of still relatively prosperous countries. There, lack of coordinated response to the refugees problem and already eroded state of internal social order quickly led to collapse and quick deterioration of remaining social and state institutions and to increasingly violent and lethal civil conflicts. In countries relatively distanced from refugees problem, internal disintegration was already well under way with each province and locality fighting their own increasingly desperate battle for survival. Traditional order enforcement agencies largely ceased to exist, local militia and armed gangs ruled over increasingly smaller areas of influence. Mass mortality set in due to new wave of epidemics, hunger and widespread violence and armed conflicts. In a relatively short period of time, most of the human race was done with. Few holdout groups of ultrarich managed to retreat to the bunkers well supplied to sustain them for a dozen of lifetimes — only to suffer everyone’s fate shortly afterwards as a result of mutual annihilation triggered by fear, paranoia and general madness.

That was a brief summary of exploration into the origins, development and unfortunate conclusion of the event called Krunid-178 that caused a complete extermination of the so called human race. And while we cannot but lament disappearance of yet another animal species that left such a profound and irrevocable trace in the history of the planet, at the same time we cannot totally ignore the fact that disappearance of largely predatory and destructive species had all but felicitous effect on the well being of remaining races and it most certainly allowed us, pigs, to finally obtain well deserved role of guardians of enlightenment and intelligence in the Universe

Be force and wisdom with us.

still seeking the north pole. and west pole