Of cats and stars

Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

Cats are of course just a product of our imagination. Not the meowing striped furballs curled on our knees, but all those cats, chats, gatos, Katzen, koty, etc — that variably are conceived as house pets, petty pests, delicious food, utility (mice catching) functions and for…

1158 reasons to vote for Joseph Biden

Joseph Biden is the greatest man alive and there are 1158 reasons to vote for him in upcoming presidential elections

Here are some of them. The first deal with diversity and with how Joseph represents some distinguished minorities

  1. He is a male. With…

Chronicles of Krunid-178

It’s been at least several pons since the event now identified as Krunid-178 wiped out so called human race and there’s still no conclusive evidence about what caused its outset and neither what escalated it to all out annihilation a short time afterwards. Yet, as of recently…


still seeking the north pole. and west pole

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